WordPress Setup Guide

WordPress Setup Guide

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Section 1 – Signing up for hosting

In this section, I will guide you through signing up with a hosting company, and setting up your platform for hosting your blog!

What is the point of a hosting company?

A hosting company is responsible for providing on-demand platforms for developing, distributing, and publishing content and services, such as blogs, websites, and game servers.

Using this link, sign up for a DigitalOcean Account.

Step 1) Navigate to your hosting control panel [https://cloud.digitalocean.com/login], and log in if you are not already.

Step 2) Select “Get Started with a Droplet”.

Step 3) On the price scale, click the left arrow until you find the cheapest option. ($5/mo)

Step 4) Scroll down the page until you see the section headed “Authentication“. Select “One-time password”.

Step 5) Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “Create Droplet”.

Step 6) Wait a few moments, you should receive an email containing your one-time password. Open it, and it will contain an IP Address, Username, and Password.

You will want to keep this information handy, as you will need it in the next sections.