WordPress Setup Guide

WordPress Setup Guide

Section 2 – Accessing your Droplet

To remotely access your new server, we will use network protocol known as SSH (Secure Shell). SSH allows you to log into your server as though you were to sit in front of it with a mouse and keyboard, but gives you the flexibility of doing it from anywhere you have an internet connection!

But… If I can access it, can’t anyone?

It may seem this way, given that if you can control your server from anywhere, someone else could too. However you should not be concerned:

  • Almost all public servers (virtually every website on the internet!) can be remotely managed, just like yours.
  • The SSH protocol encrypts all communications between you and your server, meaning that if anyone intercepts your connection, they will not be able to see any sensitive information.
  • Your server is password protected. Use a strong password!

Step 1) Download PuTTY using the following links.
32-Bit Version
64-Bit Version
(Note: Most modern computers use the 64-Bit Version)

Step 2) Double-click the downloaded file to run it. In the resulting window, enter the IP Address from the email you received from DigitalOcean in the “Hostname (or IP address)” field.

Step 3 [optional] ) Enter a name in the blank field beneath “Saved Sessions”, and click “Save”, to save this connection for later access.

Step 4) Click “Open” to initiate an SSH connection to your server.

Step 5) When prompted for a username, enter ‘root‘.

Step 6) Enter the password that was sent to you in the email you received from DigitalOcean.

Step 7) The console will then ask you to re-enter the password, and afterwards, to set a new password. Choose something memorable but secure by following password best practices.

After your new password is set, you should be presented with a command-line, ready for your input.