WordPress Setup Guide

WordPress Setup Guide

Section 4 – Setting up WordPress

All that we need to do now is setup the actual WordPress site!

Step 1) In your web browser, navigate to the domain name or IP address of your website, as you configured in the previous section while setting up your web engine. Your page should look like the below screenshot. This is the beginning of the setup process.

Step 2) Select your language and click “Continue”.

Step 3) Click “Let’s Go!”.

Step 4) Now we are going to enter the database information that we setup earlier. The only information you should need to change is the user name and password, shown below. Enter the password that you chose for the user.

Step 5) Click “Submit”. Then click “Run the installation”. On the resulting page, you will be asked to set various settings. Shown below. Once finished, click “Install WordPress”.

Step 6) Click “Log In”. Enter the Username and Password that you just set in the previous step.

You should now be looking at the administrative control panel of your very own blog! Take a look around. From here, you can install plugins and themes, write posts, and change other site settings.